I hate you. You just had to take him away from me. You just had to talk to him. He was the only person that I didn’t feel awkward with when I told him how i felt. You couldn’t respect my feelings for him and you had to do that. “I dont like him”? “We’re friends.” Oh you dont like him? Really? Isn’t that what you said about EVERY boy you ever liked? Ha, you may say that, but look at your actions. Your mouth is full of lies. You knew how much he meant to me but did you listen? No you didn’t. You just went with it. I asked nicely but you didn’t do anything. You knew I was mad and tried ignoring you, but you still kept going. After a while, you thought that I wasn’t mad anymore because I stopped asking you to stop. I wanted to see if you’d stop on your own or apologize, but hah, I guess not. You’re really cruel aren’t you? Even if you stop now, it wont be the same with him anymore. Because of you, I stopped talking to him. Best friend? Hah. You never trusted us. We trusted you in the beginning, but you lost that trust so we kept being your friend but we didn’t tell you anything. How can we trust someone like you? Its like you take our friendship for granted. You’re never thankful. You never thank us for the things we did. We put up with you because we feel bad. But I’ve had enough. You’re stupid. Go find your rebounds. Once you get closer to them and they see your bad side, they won’t want you. In fact, you’ll just try squeezing yourself into their group trying to fit in, but honey, you probably won’t fit in because of your horrendous personality and hypocrisy. I think you deserve everything that comes at you. Let’s see how far you’ll go at this.


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If I punch myself and it hurts, am I too weak or too strong?

Holy fuck this messed me up